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8 California Girls (Gurls) Candy Costumes

Posted Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

You know the look from Katy Perry’s smash hit video “California Gurls” … Lavender wig + ice cream cone dress.

It oozes a sparkling sweetness and drips with delicious sexuality. So delicious, in fact, that even Snoop Dog wanted to have a lick. Holla!!

1. Cotton Candy Girl :  This will give you something sweet to put on and in your mouth :) Sexy lil’ cotton candy girl …you might have to lose some of those treadz to really Katy it up.

2. Candyland Girl (Gurl) : Board Game Hottie!!  Anyone would want to roll the dice on the cute lil’ number.

3. Cupcake Girl (Gurls) : Let the eat Cake!! …that they will with this yummy tutu. Katy would die for that cupcake hat:)

4. Lollipop Girl (Gurls) : Everyone will be lickin’ your lollies in this show stopper.. Geez this dress will break your bank though!!

5. Candy Cane Girl (Gurls) : Red, White and Sexy…up and down!!

6. Candy Girl (Gurls) : A mix between Katy’s Lavender and Blue California Gurls looks!!

7. Hoho Girl (Gurls) : Sexy lil’ Hostess Cupcake …creamy filling inside included..lol:)

8. Ice Cream (Gurls) : Not as hot as Katy’s but I’m sure your cones will still look hot:)

Or if you’re looking for a totally different look… let’s say some tactical pants, well, let’s just say you’re SOL. However, KP would look super flipping hot in anything!!

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