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Katy Perry Pink Wig!

Posted Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Katy’s PINK hair is LOVE at first site!!

I’ve looked High and Low to try to find a wig to match her AWESOME pink hair but I can’t find a exact match, but these are pretty close:)

Buy this wig CLICK HERE

Leanne by Sepia -item #WB-7419

Another option is this Sorbet Pink Wig :)

Tiffany DeMichele's Sassy Sorbet Pink Wig

.. if you see anything that I’m missing please LMK ..email: kristin@e2po.com!!  Thanks

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OMG this is AMAZING!!!  I just found this on BuyCostumes.com!!  This cupcake creation is practically identical to Katy Perry’s Cupcake bra in California Gurls!  Plus the wig is PERFECT!  Finally a blue wig with the attaching Heart Headband…Yippeeee!

GET the LOOK here:

California Gurl Cup Cake Costume

Katy Perry - California Gurl Blue Wig (Adult)

Katy Perry – California Gurl Blue Wig


GET the LOOK here:

Katy Perry -Whipped Cream Costume

Perfect OVER the Knee boot!!!

The Highest Heel Women's Skyhigh Thigh-High Boot

California Gurls straight from Candyland:)

Jade Ohara’s custom costume is incredible!!   She designed and created the amazing replica herself, with a little help from a dressmaker.  Now that’s talent:)

Jade Ohara’s Secret to Success:

-Big Bonbons – Satin and foam.
-Ice Cream- Foam, Eva foam, satin, scintillating ink, glue and glitter.
-Cup Cake- Eva foam, satin and scintillating ink.
-Cane Sugar -Fabric and ink.
-White Part of Dress – Ink to do the candy sprinkles.
-Hard-Candies - Eva foam and satin for the necklace and on the dress.
-All other Candy – Cold porcelain for lollipop, gum, chocolate crack, jujube, confetti, brigadier, coconut, kisses, marshmallow, pudding, popsicle, a cherry.
-Hot glue to paste the candy on the dress.
-White sand to make sugar effect at some candies.
-Four donuts that even smell like donuts!

Wow absolutely fantastic:)  I have my fingers crossed Jade Ohara’s will be selling her Candyfornia creations next year!!!

Another Awesome Katy Perry Pair is Kristin & Jnet

Kristin collaborated with the talented Glamtastik to create this yummy cotton candy treat.  Jnet had Kristin design and create this rad replica of Katy Perry’s candy dots dress using Easter eggs.

Job well done!! Cheers:)

I would LOVE to post your look a like pics too, please send them to

Katy Perry Cupcake & Heart Ring

Posted Thursday, October 7th, 2010

This cupcake ring is PERFECT!!  It’s just want I’ve been looking for the complete my Katy Perry Costume:)  This high quality oversize cupcake ring is handmade by the talented  jerter731. She uses aqua bottle caps for the liner, then fake pink icing and sprinkles with a cherry on top to create the cupcakes…genius!!  Best of all this awesome cupcake ring is a steal at only $13.50!  :)

Another yummy find by jerter731 is this super cute Katy Perry Heart Ring.  With fake plum icing and sugar sprinkles it too hard to resist!! I can’t wait to rock this with my Katy Perry cotton candy costume:)

Don’t forget to pick up jerter731 matching oversize cupcakes and ice cream cone!  These cupcakes are fabulous for your DIY costume, simply Velcro the cupcakes on your own blue padding bra or bikini top and voila your Katy Perry!!   These are still perfect if you’re anything like my sister who is extremely tummy conscious!  She’s actually going to Velcro them to a cute blue tank or even white dress…hasn’t decided yet:)

The PERFECT Katy Perry Costumes at last!!  I found these one of a kind MASTERPIECES on Etsy by Glamtastik.   Wow these handmade costumes are amazing; Glamtastik is truly GENIUS!  Her designs are so detailed and absolutely exquisite down to the last stitch.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that someone else shares the same Katy Perry Costume passion as we do!!


Cup Cake Costume by Glamtastik

EVERYTHING is SEWN on, not glued!!


Cotton Candy Costume by Glamtastik

Cotton Candy Bust!!!

Break out your piggy bank because they’re a bid of a spurge.  Although for a one-of-a-kind couture Katy Perry costume, it’s too hard to resist.  Honestly, I look at Halloween like my once-a-year prom, heck every gurl deserves to treat themselves to a sweet candy dress:)))

The California Gurls yummy costumes were designed Design Duo The Blonds.  Phillip and David Blond of The Blonds have been creating out of this world designs for celebs like Katy Perry, Fergie, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera!!  Check out this awesome interview David Blond did with OnSugar at Fashionfunhouseemporium.com.

The costumes they created for California Gurls were almost entirely eatable, wow we have our worked cut out for us trying to recreate these masterpieces!!  Can’t wait:)

You know the look from Katy Perry’s smash hit video “California Gurls” … Lavender wig + ice cream cone dress.

It oozes a sparkling sweetness and drips with delicious sexuality. So delicious, in fact, that even Snoop Dog wanted to have a lick. Holla!!

1. Cotton Candy Girl :  This will give you something sweet to put on and in your mouth :) Sexy lil’ cotton candy girl …you might have to lose some of those treadz to really Katy it up.

2. Candyland Girl (Gurl) : Board Game Hottie!!  Anyone would want to roll the dice on the cute lil’ number.

3. Cupcake Girl (Gurls) : Let the eat Cake!! …that they will with this yummy tutu. Katy would die for that cupcake hat:)

4. Lollipop Girl (Gurls) : Everyone will be lickin’ your lollies in this show stopper.. Geez this dress will break your bank though!!

5. Candy Cane Girl (Gurls) : Red, White and Sexy…up and down!!

6. Candy Girl (Gurls) : A mix between Katy’s Lavender and Blue California Gurls looks!!

7. Hoho Girl (Gurls) : Sexy lil’ Hostess Cupcake …creamy filling inside included..lol:)

8. Ice Cream (Gurls) : Not as hot as Katy’s but I’m sure your cones will still look hot:)

Or if you’re looking for a totally different look… let’s say some tactical pants, well, let’s just say you’re SOL. However, KP would look super flipping hot in anything!!

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