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Katy Perry Cupcake & Heart Ring

Posted Thursday, October 7th, 2010

This cupcake ring is PERFECT!!  It’s just want I’ve been looking for the complete my Katy Perry Costume:)  This high quality oversize cupcake ring is handmade by the talented  jerter731. She uses aqua bottle caps for the liner, then fake pink icing and sprinkles with a cherry on top to create the cupcakes…genius!!  Best of all this awesome cupcake ring is a steal at only $13.50!  :)

Another yummy find by jerter731 is this super cute Katy Perry Heart Ring.  With fake plum icing and sugar sprinkles it too hard to resist!! I can’t wait to rock this with my Katy Perry cotton candy costume:)

Don’t forget to pick up jerter731 matching oversize cupcakes and ice cream cone!  These cupcakes are fabulous for your DIY costume, simply Velcro the cupcakes on your own blue padding bra or bikini top and voila your Katy Perry!!   These are still perfect if you’re anything like my sister who is extremely tummy conscious!  She’s actually going to Velcro them to a cute blue tank or even white dress…hasn’t decided yet:)

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