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Russell Brand Wig

Posted Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Where would Katy be without her Russell:D

Get the Russell Brand in your life this wig….

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Posted Monday, August 16th, 2010
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If you don’t have a colorful WIG get one NOW!!  Every Katy Perry fan is wearing them and why not?  Even the celebs what to dress up like katy…  check on this from fun slide show from Perez Hilton


katy perry wigs!

Thanks, Perez Hilton for sharing this sweet performance. I really like that yellow dress. Definitely skin tight!

And those peppermint striped back-up singers are hilarious. What do you think?

The California Gurls yummy costumes were designed Design Duo The Blonds.  Phillip and David Blond of The Blonds have been creating out of this world designs for celebs like Katy Perry, Fergie, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera!!  Check out this awesome interview David Blond did with OnSugar at Fashionfunhouseemporium.com.

The costumes they created for California Gurls were almost entirely eatable, wow we have our worked cut out for us trying to recreate these masterpieces!!  Can’t wait:)

CandyLand Makeup!!

Posted Friday, August 6th, 2010
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Wow, thanks MasqueradeMakeup for this step by step instructional California Gurls makeup video!!  Now we’re all going to be Katy Perry look a likes!!

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Doesn’t appear to be any ice cream cones in this video … just lots of making out!

You know the look from Katy Perry’s smash hit video “California Gurls” … Lavender wig + ice cream cone dress.

It oozes a sparkling sweetness and drips with delicious sexuality. So delicious, in fact, that even Snoop Dog wanted to have a lick. Holla!!

1. Cotton Candy Girl :  This will give you something sweet to put on and in your mouth :) Sexy lil’ cotton candy girl …you might have to lose some of those treadz to really Katy it up.

2. Candyland Girl (Gurl) : Board Game Hottie!!  Anyone would want to roll the dice on the cute lil’ number.

3. Cupcake Girl (Gurls) : Let the eat Cake!! …that they will with this yummy tutu. Katy would die for that cupcake hat:)

4. Lollipop Girl (Gurls) : Everyone will be lickin’ your lollies in this show stopper.. Geez this dress will break your bank though!!

5. Candy Cane Girl (Gurls) : Red, White and Sexy…up and down!!

6. Candy Girl (Gurls) : A mix between Katy’s Lavender and Blue California Gurls looks!!

7. Hoho Girl (Gurls) : Sexy lil’ Hostess Cupcake …creamy filling inside included..lol:)

8. Ice Cream (Gurls) : Not as hot as Katy’s but I’m sure your cones will still look hot:)

Or if you’re looking for a totally different look… let’s say some tactical pants, well, let’s just say you’re SOL. However, KP would look super flipping hot in anything!!

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But for now, enjoy this amazingly amazing interview…

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Deep Purple Diva Wig by Incognito- item #IC-265

Or just be Russell Brand!! lol:D

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